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September 20 - October 20, 2007


Participants of Art City Drawing Workshop

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 20, 5PM

Perjinkities: Sketchbook Drawing Exhibition

Perjinkities: Sketchbook Drawing Exhibition is the documentation of a sketchbook drawing workshop facilitated by guest artist James Culleton at Art City in May 2007.

During the workshop, Culleton provided Art City participants with an opportunity to explore sketchbook practice and provided instruction in various drawing techniques. With its focus on sketchbook drawing, the workshop was designed to give participants a place to draw; a place where they can describe what they see and what they imagine. Using the sketchbook as a journal, participants were provided the opportunity to document and collect their impressions, ideas, and interpretations of the world around them. The result was a fascinating collection of little drawings...niceties...perjinkities.

Perjinkities: Sketchbook Drawing Exhibition provides a photographic record of only a small selection of work completed during the workshop. A critical component of the workshop was to foster and instill the importance of using sketchbooks as a means of recording, collecting, and learning. In order for participants to take their work home, each piece was photographed in the studio once it was completed. Therefore, each participant was able to keep their personalized sketchbook at the end of the workshop, taking with them their drawings and the ability to further develop their sketchbook practice. The original artwork, and subsequent work, is in the possession of each artist.

James Culleton

James Culleton graduated from Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 1997 with an honours degree in drawing and painting. With roots in both Manitoba and Quebec, he has been highly active in the art communities of Winnipeg and Montreal.

He recently worked on a project called Contouring Quebec, which involved rediscovering his French roots through blind contour drawing. In 2005, he was the Artist in Residence at Zekefs Gallery for a one-year period in Montreal, and in 2004 he participated in a drawing workshop at Ace Art Inc. in which he archived over 400 drawings of the people and places of his life in Manitoba.

James Culleton is dedicated to the importance of drawing as a means to collect, record, escape to, and reveal what is inside onefs imagination.

Art City -

Art City is a community art centre located in the West Broadway neighbourhood of Winnipeg that provides high quality, free-of-charge art programming to youth, teens, and adults on a drop-in basis. Art City was founded by Winnipeg artist Wanda Koop in 1998.

Programming at Art City is divided into workshops that explore a wide variety of art media including drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, photography, video, music, and dance. Throughout the year, Art City hosts local, national, and international artists to facilitate workshops and inspire participants with engaging art processes and practices. Weekly classes are also offered in photography, pottery, and digital art.

Art City participates in a number of community initiatives including exhibitions, an annual parade, special events, and contributes to neighbourhood beautification through community art projects such as murals and sculptures.

Art City provides a safe and supportive environment for people to express themselves creatively, build self-esteem, and develop artistic skill.