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June 22 - July 22, 2007

Drawing Breath - Intuitive Figure Drawings
by Robert Pasternak

Opening Reception: June 22, 8 - 11PM
Artist in attendance

Also meet the artist in the afternoon of July 7, 2007 (07.07.07)

The Illusionist

Robert Pasternakfs gDrawing Breath - Intuitive Figure Drawingsh

gThere are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors.h
- Jim Morrison

The poster advertising Robert Pasternakfs current exhibition of small-scale drawings depicts the artist conjuring up fiery breath, charming its snake-like coils towards his Solar Plexus - an energy centre of the body that resonates with emotional vitality and awareness. This dramatic composition signals that in this latest series of pen drawings Pasternak moves towards the presentation of his farsighted purpose with a magicianfs flare and a prophetfs insight. The forms present in the business-card sized drawings shown here have preoccupied this Winnipeg artist since the early nineties; and over the years he has been distilling the curvilinear figures down to their essence, something that he has achieved here. The drawings first began as doodles on napkins in coffee shops, and they continue here in a similar spirit as a series of framed works done over a period of one month plus a collage of sketches on bus transfers done over a period of four years. This entire project is an exercise in automatic drawing often under self-imposed time-constraints. These sketches were modified only a few times after completion and Pasternak noted the number of alterations with a circular pen mark in the upper right corner of every work.

The French painter Andre Breton defined the talismanic power of Surrealist art expression by calling it gpure psychic automatismh which in this case means automatic drawing practiced without conscious or aesthetic restraint. Pasternakfs intuitive forms are supposed to visually communicate the essence of being and the purity of emotion. They are at once humanoid and otherworldly and speak of something alien as well as something familiar: at times resembling spirits, flames, the viscera, and elements of the nervous system. This shape-shifting aspect results in something electric at work between the images and the viewer. Pasternak explores human perception and captures what he calls the geternal concept,h that is, the creation of a universal form recognizable by all. This shape, made of curves is representative of the body and as Pasternak alleges it is embedded in our evolutionary consciousness but has been banished from prominence in our lives by urban forms such as gour buildings, our roomch and resulting in geverything we usecbecom(ing) forced into boxes, squares, straight lines.h

The spontaneous action of drawing a breath symbolizes the process of exchange: the act of breathing in and breathing out is cyclical and life sustaining. Breathing is an essential part of being human and is an affirmation of being alive. Pasternak would like the viewer to consider what it means to be alive, and the connection between looking at oneself, self-awareness and the act of creation. Aesthetically, the rounded shapes, the gbreathsh on display are compact and elegant- an effect underscored by the clean lines of uniform matting and framing by the Semai Gallery director Takashi Iwasaki. This begs the question of whether any sort of creation, a work arranged or laid out in a regular, ordered, or symmetrical way can ever be considered purely automatist. Even though the temptation is strong, getting the magician to reveal his set of tricks ruins the mystique. The enjoyment lies in the process and the showmanship. Pasternakfs sensuous drawings are beautiful to look at and adeptly blur the boundaries between truth and illusion.

Robert Pasternak is a self-taught artist who received the 1994 Aurora Award for artistic achievement in science fiction. He has worked as a production artist, an art director for Zygote magazine, as a digital colorist and as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist. He has had solo exhibitions at the Manitoba Legislative Building (2001), the Centennial Concert Hall (1996), and at the Gallery of Life (1995) where he showed the earlier versions of his small-scale sketches in an exhibition titled gEverlasting Breath.h

Aldona Dziedziejko
Exhibition Coordinator/Writer, Semai Gallery

Robert Pasternak, Winnipeg, Canada

Phone: +1-204-956-7675

Artist C.V.

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His work has been printed in Canada, United States, Russia, England, Finland, Yugoslavia & Macedonia. Gallery Publications 2001 Paper Wait - Ace Art Inc. - Vol.3

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm

Ball-point pen on paper, 9 x 5cm