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February 14 - March 5, 2008

Reiki Visions: Crystal Landscapes
Colored Pencil Drawings
by Romi Topper

Opening Reception: Not Scheduled

Romi Topper
Winnipeg/Vancouver, Canada


Artist Statement

REIKI is a Japanese term for "Universal Life Force Energy" that exists within everyone and can be channeled to facilitate healing. Anyone can gain access to this energy by means of an attunement process carried out by a Reiki Master. Energy flows from a Reiki healer's hands whenever the hands are placed on or held near a person's body.

I am a Visionary artist, Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer, so for me, combining Art and Healing was a natural integration of all my interests. The act of creating art has a positive effect on a person's well being. In the case of these 14 pieces, the act of creating them was just as important as the intended effect they have on the viewer. My Reiki Crystal Art is designed to promote an uplifting, healing effect. I intend for the audience, to get lost in these small worlds, to smile and feel serenity resonating from them.

Inspired by the work of other Visionary artists such as Alex Grey and Satoshi Matsuyama, I used bright, vivid colors, combined with movement to illustrate how Life Energy is a dynamic, moving force in the universe. Having first been attuned as a Reiki healer in 2006 by Master Karen Lee Edwards, the idea of creating Reiki-inspired art happened by accident. While practicing Reiki Crystal Meditation, "Full Moon Over Amethyst Canyon" came to me in a vision on a full moon in the summer of 2007. I had to draw this sublime landscape. In the months that followed, other fantastic places were 'shown' to me, and were put to paper accordingly. These higher-dimensional worlds can be accessed during an altered state of consciousness while practicing Reiki Crystal Meditation. I was simply 'passing through' these realms, a passive observer, viewing alternate worlds. Most of the crystals used in these pieces are Amethyst, a stone that I have found to be supreme in its hallucinogenic qualities, when placed over the third-eye while calming the mind.

Please enjoy these pieces, and I encourage everyone to find out more about Reiki and Energy Healing.

Romi Topper
February 13, 2008

All the drawings are
Colored pencil on paper
12.5 x 12.5cm (5" x 5")