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About WFI & Co

Warm Feelings of Intimacy & Company integrates poetry and collage, creating a distinctive aesthetic that offers to touch the imagination. This web-based collaborative project emerged when visual artist Takashi Iwasaki and writer Aldona Dziedziejko realized that they shared a similar creative process. Currently both artists prefer working in compact forms. Iwasaki is known for his vivid mini-collages that exude a clever preciousness and Dziedziejko composes introspective and imagist poems that she calls block micro-fictions.

The collaboration is based on the idea that arranging words is akin to arranging found objects or cut-outs into a pleasing composition of images, colors, and texture that elicit rich emotions. Dziedziejkofs writing has a strong focus on visuality through abundant imagery. This interest is fueled by passion for visual culture in the everyday. She finds joy in the potential that words have as pliable symbols.

The project name, gWarm Feelings of Intimacyh is a paraphrase of an answer that Iwasaki gave in an interview for the online magazine The eXTra finger:
- What are you working on now?
gSmaller paintings, collages, and embroidery pieces with visual delicacy, intimacy, playfulness, and positive feelingsch

Once they gather sufficient material, Iwasaki and Dziedziejko plan to expand WFI & Co to include collaboration on a limited edition series of handmade books to be exhibited in art galleries and sold as collectibles. Please check the News page regularly for information on upcoming shows and events.